Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a website, you need to buy website traffic to be stronger to your competitors. helps you achieve the desired traffic and if you have questions on the services offered? Please click on the questions for answers.

  • Where Do You Get Your Cheap Traffic?

    We have network websites and domain names, which help produce tons of visitors every day. We give you traffic from every site you have ordered. The fact that our services are secure and we do not use bots or even spam techniques.

  • Will I Be Waiting Long To Get The Web Site Visitors?

    It will not take a long time for you to get website visitors since we have an able support team that offers you the best support. You will get an email with your login information in less than 12 hours. You will not have to queue and will be easily approved in the next 24 hours. The campaigns are always up and running within 36 hours. The pop-under and Adult are however not activated on weekends.

  • Are These Visitors Being Sent Unique?

    Our web site traffic is filtered to be unique per 24 hours.

  • Do You Provide Traffic Control / Tracking?

    For every traffic purchase we have a way to control the traffic through a live stat c-panel. After setting up your c-panel credentials you will be able to keep track of the traffic flow.

  • How Can I Track the Traffic

    You will be able to use the c-panel to keep track of traffic. You can also set-up a tracking, it is also possible to use bitly. If you want to do some page tracking, you can use or Using google analytics,Awstats are not accurate with our delivery method.